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Myler and Starr
are: Mike (Myler - guitar, vocals) Scholl and Steve (Starr - guitar, bass, keys, vocals) Estabrook. Both have been active in the Sacramento music scene in various guises playing in clubs, coffee shops and directing and performing in local theater.

Scholl has produced two CDs under the moniker Michael Willoughby ("A Stop at Willoughby" and "Bodie Hotel"). In spring 2013, Scholl will be recording his newest project, "Miles Overground").

As Helicopter Steve, Estabrook released a CD/EP called, "In the Dark of the City."

Funny, somber, energetic and provoking - often at the same time - Myler and Starr fuses traditional elements of blues, folk and country with the post-punk and alt-rock sensibilities of bands like X, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Wilco ... along with a bit of Bowie.

For more, contact the lads: mylerandstarr@songforallseasons.com



  Luna's gig
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